TG-1 is a sales failure

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Some thoughts...

Geoff, I hope this post does not come across as a personal attack. It is not my intent. But your posts got me thinking. First of all, you described going for a walk with LX5, TG-1 and a DSLR. At least two of those three cameras are redundant for anything I can think of. So why do you even have a TG-1?

TG-1 is really intended to be a camera for someone who spends her weekends upside down in a whitewater kayak. And something tells me that you don't do that, because that kind of person would not be caught dead on a walk with three cameras handing off her. For all other people who care about the images they take a regular high-end point and shoot is just fine for 99% of the activities they do, and for those who don't a cellphone camera is just as good. Regular p/s are actually more rugged that people think, they can survive an occasional drop of water or snow dusting, and if you are worried about dropping things, it may be better to accept that risk and pay for the damage from the money you save buying unnecessary gear. And if you go snorkeling, you are truly better off paying extra $250 for a underwater housing, and at least getting good quality pictures for all your efforts. Otherwise a waterproof dive-able case for an iPhone is only $80.

So, how does the TG-1 work for a gal in a kayak? I'd say rather poorly. I think Olympus made unacceptable design compromises trying to maintain a flat form factor with a f2 lens. That lens ended up being tiny and it illuminates a sensor that is tinier still. I'd much rather buy a waterproof camera with a big hump for a big lens that would give me truly better pictures, because if I am going places where a regular camera will not survive, I won't want watercolor-y photos that I can only look at on a small monitor. Again, this is the camera that is marketed as delivering breakthrough IQ, and it just does not do that. And for extra $250 I can get a Sony RX100 that is quicker, physically a lot smaller, and delivers pictures and video that makes TG-1 look like a toy. And I can take it hiking, skiing, and, hopefully, when the marine housing comes out, I can take it snorkeling.

So, what waterproof P/S would I buy? If Sony/Oly/Canon would take RX100/XZ-1/S-100, reduce the zoom range, and encase it in a waterproof plastic, I'd buy it. If someone made a waterproof prime lens compact, I'd buy it, I will gladly exchange the zoom for better IQ. Most likely I'd settle for RX100 and a housing. But TG-1 for me looks like a too little too late effort.

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