Exposed Film for Flash trigger

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Barrie Davis
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UN-exposed film..

Lynxo wrote:


what is an alternative for covering the flash to use as a trigger?

Film days are over, so I don't know where one can get exposed 35mm film strip.

Well, there are still a few labs around that are processing E6 film, so you should find somebody to approach, even if it is a matter of sending a few emails (and fluttering your metaphorical eyelashes in an effective manner??)

I found this outfit here in UK by searching Google "E6 processing"..

Please note, the film type you need is UN-exposed E6 transparency, but processed out to BLACK . Having found your lab, it isn't hard to come by. There is a short length of this "leader" film trimmed from each 35mm film that's processed. It is a waste product routinely disposed of, so it is just a matter of taking some from the bin and popping it in an envelope to you...

... which self-addressed/stamped envelope could have originated with you in the first place, I'm thinking.... (???)

It works well, BTW.
Good luck.

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