I have nooo idea what format to record video in.

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Spillicus wrote:

i have just been perusing the new Gary Friedman A57 book that I downloaded yesterday, and find that he recommends using the lower resolution, lower bitrate "mp4" video file recording mode, as another poster mentioned above.

I respectfully disagree with Gary.

Well, not everything I say has to be correct! In my defense, though, I think my recommendations were improperly summarized.

First of all, know that my books are not aimed at video experts. (In my opinion nobody who knows what they're doing with video would even think of consulting my chapter on movie mode.)(Come to think of it, nobody who knows what they're doing would even consider using the A77 for video since it doesn't allow you to shut off automatic gain control on the audio, or provide an audio monitoring output! But I digress...)

In that chapter I spend six pages talking about the tradeoffs between the movie formats at length, talk about their history, which has larger file sizes for similar content, and when you might want to use one format or another. Then I advise readers who still aren't sure to make a test video in each format, play them back and see if they can tell the difference. Only if they can't tell the difference do I recommend that they use .mp4, as that format is easier to work with for most people and on most computers.

I actually shoot my home video in AVCHD.

Hope this clears things up.


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