5Dii vs 5Dii vs 3Ds

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Re: 5Dii vs 5Dii vs 3Ds

I saw DPReviews conclusion and I have no idea how they came up with the scores on raw image quality. I used the raw files available from this site and Photoshop CS6 with ACR 7.1 to make my own raw quality assessments and I DO NOT agree with DPReview.

I see that the 5DII and 5DIII have very, very similar image quality at ISO 100. However, the 5DIII always has more resolution so how can it possibly score lower? Is this some bizarro universe where lower resolution with basically the same quality makes a higher score?

At higher ISO like 12,800 the 5DIII clearly has better signal to noise, higher resolution and maintains color integrity better than the 5DII. So again this leaves me questioning how did it score lower on RAW image quality.

One last thing to consider, the 5DIII always has a 1/3rd stop faster shutter speed in these test shots compared to the 5DII. So, is ISO 12,800 on the 5DIII really ISO 16,000 or is DPReview incapable of consistent lighting setups?

Edwinrg wrote:

If you go to the 5Diii review, & then to the conclusion, you can bring up the 5Ddii to compare several categories, & there you'll see they show the raw image quality of the 5Dii as being higher. They show the low light capabilities of the 5Diii as higher than the 5Dii but not the raw image quality,

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