Why not use AI servo all the time? (50D)

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Re: Why not use AI servo all the time? (50D)


First of all I'd like to mention that I use back-button focus as most of you do. It's really great.

The reason I don't use AI Servo all the time (although I use it a lot) is because you have to manually set an AF starting point in Automatic AF Point Selection mode. This is not as fast as having the camera focus automatically in One Shot AF.

Personally I use the 7D and the AI Focus works pretty well in such situations where you're wandering around and don't know what you will be shooting next.

As soon as I know what I'm going for, I prefer to use the mode most adapted to the use:

For landscapes I use manual focus. It lets me maximize depth of field (by focusing on the hyperfocal distance).

In case I shoot portraits or still life, I mainly use One Shot AF and set an AF point manually.

For action, and especially if I know more of less where the subject is and where it is heading, I go to AI Servo and manually chose an AF cluster.

We have quite a few autofocus modes, why not take advantage of them? I don't think it's most efficient to be in AI Servo all the time...

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