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Re: Owners - G1X Vs G12

I wasn't familiar with the A550, so I looked it up. Nice little camera. My wife uses an A710IS, which is similar; but with a longer (35-210 mm) and faster (f/4.8 at the long end) lens, a larger LCD, and IS. She also insisted on an optical finder and AA cells.

If the lens on the A550 is as good as the one on the A710IS, you won't see much improvement with a G12. In fact, in 2008, we went to the Galapagos, and on one of the islands we took shots of the same animals from about the same position - her with the A710IS, and me with my G7. When we got home, I was amazed to find hers were as good - virtually indistinguishable.

I've owned a number of the G series, and find the G7 and G9 had the best lens of the later group (G7-G12); but are not as good at higher ISO. I have also owned the G12, and am now using a G11 (that's a long story that I'll not go into here).

I don't know if you're open to buying used; but I prefer the G11 over the G12, and either the A710IS or the 8 MP A720IS would be an upgrade from where you are.

Instead of rechargeable AA cells; we use the Energizer lithium ion cells in the A710IS. She doesn't use the camera that much, and they don't lose charge on the shelf, so the camera is always ready for use. She gets about 550 shots on a pair, and carries two spares in her little bag. Just ideal for her use.

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