Minolta 28-135 first experiences

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Re: Minolta 28-135 (more samples on A900)

Well, I wouldn't have believed it possible, but you're seem to be on to something. My A65 backfocuses with Minolta lenses ONLY, though not all the time. Not at all with a Sony 18-55 SAM and a Tamron 70-300 USD. Checked out the Minolta lenses with my old A300 and, lo and behold, they focus perfectly. What the heck? Could it be the screw drive?

Tried the Minolta 28-135mm, the 50mm 1.7 and a Sigma 24mm 2.8 at various apertures, inside and outside on the A65. At 1.7 everything is fine, no errors, but the smaller the aperture gets, the less reliable the results. Sometimes right-on, sometimes backfocused, worst at f8.0. Could the precision of mechanical focusing have been sacrificed in favour of the electronic solution? Any ideas?

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