Crazy FoCal readings on d3s @ number of different lenses...

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Re: Crazy FoCal readings on d3s @ number of different lenses...

I guess chart could be a temporary solution had the adjustment values been withing the range, but they are not.

In addition this isn't a $500 point and shoot camera, no reason why I or anyone else for that matter should have to put up with it - Nikon needs to get things together or they'll keep on losing more and more customers...

If the difference was small, I wouldn't worry about it, however given my scenario we're talking about huge difference, one that will be easily visible in photos.

I do a lot of travel photography, testing for focus accuracy while on the road is almost impossible - either the d3s and their top lenses are professional level equipment or not... If Nikon can't fix this issue, they should replace it with something that does work... Now if they don't want to stand behind their product then that is a different story - and sooner or later it will catch up and bit them in their 6.

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