3:2 Aspect Ratio on the OM-D

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Re: 3:2 Aspect Ratio on the OM-D

rrr_hhh wrote:

1) the way the cropped ratios are dealt with depends upon the raw converter you are using. ACR and LR are only offering you the cropped version. C1 of Phase one and Olympus viewer present you with the whole frame version and a cropping frame showing the format ratio you have chosen. You may keep the original crop or change your mind afterward. Other raw converters allow you to see the whole frame. I wish LR was offering us the same opportunity as C1 and Olympus Viewer.

I agree. I shoot 3:2, but occasionally discover that I need a little more on top or bottom, so resort to the uncropped 4:3 raw. I can get it in the Olympus Viewer, but wish LR would offer the 4:3 uncropped view too, since I do almost all my post-processing in LR.

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