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Re: Bracketing is the issue

Hi Craig,

Yes, I would definitely agree. There aren't always going to be the possibilities to shoot in the optimal situation for making an HDR - such as with a tripod/steady surface without much changing in the image. Therefore there are definitely times where 'auto camera bracketing' is going to be the best option, and this can bring its limitations based on what individual cameras may offer. I would say that this is a definite case where shooting in raw would offer a great advantage.

I don't do HDR often, and it would most likely be with a landscape, which hopefully wouldn't have too many 'changes' going on, so I have managed to get away with manual exposures. If there was an occasion where there might be something 'moving' in the scene I would expose correctly in the first shot for the moving object so I wouldn't have to worry about it for the rest of the shots However, I should also say that I blend the images manually (in layers) and I don't have experience of using these HDR programs, so not sure how they might handle this.

Best wishes,


Guidenet wrote:

I full well agree with you except for one problem. That is the fast burst auto bracketing most cameras offer. The advantage of a burst auto bracketing is obvious, especially with a slow moving object. Manual bracketing might not be really possible and most of us would rather not touch the camera between shots if we've gone to the trouble to use a tripod.

So, now we have problems with the various bracketing settings for various cameras. I can have I think 11 or maybe 9 exposures on my Nikon D700 or D800 but I can't be over one EV apart, so to get three that are 2 ev apart, I have to take five. That's still way faster than manually taking three. It's also way steadier because I'm not touching the camera to change shutter speed.

My gal's D5000 I think does 2 EV but she's limited to three shots. Other camera's are different. It seems the manufacturers are not up to the demands of HDR shooters.

So, I guess what I'm saying is we don't have the lattitude to choose so easily what bracket we want if we don't want to touch the camera between shots and I don't. Make sense? I just don't see what the makers can't see this. All my expensive Nikons stopping me at one EV. I would hope a firmware change will eventually fix that. It's just software.
Cheers, Craig

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