Question about Fuji's QC issues.....

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Re: Question about Fuji's QC issues.....

There's no need to feel bad more me. I've been taking tons of great photos thanks to my Fuji. In actuality, I feel bad for you. You've been missing out all this time, and will continue to do so because of perceived QC issues.

Let's say you're one of the small minority of people with a SAB problems... well you send it in and Fuji fixes the problem and you're without a X100 for two weeks. You're without a X100 until the X200 arrives, which could be 6 months to a year away for all we know.

Any camera from any manufacturer can have quality issues. My DSLR (Canon) has tons of people on these forums complaining about having to return it because of quality issues. It doesn't keep me from enjoying mine. So if you want a Fuji, what is the waiting really achieving except keeping you from shooting with a Fuji?

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