D800 AF, post repair, in tabular format

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Re: D800 AF, post repair, in tabular format

Wow, the photos did an amazing job at showing how off the focus is... I am having also AF issue but with d3s, as a matter of fact it is so bad that in many cases it goes way of out of the -20 +20 range

Unless i get all of this resolved very fast, I'll be going out of my way to either getting a brand new replacement or my money back for a system that is FAR away from what could be called professional... I always used to be 100% behind Nikon, however given my current situation and what many of you are going through with their d800 which I was about to buy I seriously will be consider other choices... Also it looks like I am not the only one doing so, another friends of my told me today he might be parting with his d700 and lenses....

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