Thinking of switching back to canon

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Re: Thinking of switching back to canon

Thats certainly not true for everybody.
I wasn't happy using the D800 at all, but I'm extremely happy with the 5D3 now.
Soooo ?

I suggest you rent or test the 5D3 for a weekend.

But please note that Nikon is clause to releasing a fix for the D800 left focus issue.
If thats your major concern.
Nonetheless, I found more quality issues with the D800....

I consider the 5D3 by now to be even of better built quality than the D800.
You won't find out when comparing spec sheets, but when using them,

Nikon is worse in several areas compared to Canon (a good Cam but do not believe the Nikon trolls many of them, did not even use the 5D3):

LCD (under sun, for true colours & framerate), buttons, prism, shutter mechanism (yes even though the D800 is rated higher it is significantly louder and creates blur due to higher agitation, connector and battery seals and locks, several incompabilities storage and recorders, high vignetting flash (what is it good for then, I now prefer to have none, and attach the 600EX-RT when in need) etc etc etc

And this is just built quality.

Faster Control (menu, ISO button, jog dial, custom settings etc), shooting speed, buffer, better AF with wider spread focus points, better WB (yes the first time I have seen this in a Nikon Canon comparison ) and other things come on top.

If you do not need high MP or push the shadows more than 2 stops than you will find to prefer DR and high ISO quality for AL shooting to be an advantage on the Canon too.

I could go on, you have to find out and try yourself, but do not believe the general statements from Nikon trolls out there.

my 2 cents

Light Pilgrim wrote:

If you are not happy with D800, you will not be happy with MKIII. By the way, what is the point to switch back and forth? Wasting time, money....just go and take photos with what you have.

Mick5 wrote:

I moved from 7D to Nikon d800 and it's my 2nd D800 first one had left focus
Problem and same with the 2nd one. And top of that I miss feel of the canon.
I didn't invest much in Nikon just D800 and 24-70 f/2.8.
Thinking of buying 5dmkiii with kit lens as I'm hobiest
I don't make money from photography.
Will I be happy with mark III for landscape and city scape?

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