TG-1 is a sales failure

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Re: Yes, because the IQ does not justify the price. Re: TG-1 is a sales failure

Yes, and I had very high hopes for the TG-1. My ideal kit is a large-sensor camera witha prime lens for the times when I want high quality pictures, and a waterproof compact for all other times, beach, snorkeling, skiing in a snowstorm, etc. And, hopefully, it can double as a walkaround cam and a videocam. On paper TG-1 ticks all those boxes, in reality theTG-1's IQ is hardly better than my cellphone camera. A camera like XZ-1, or RX100 is just as small, can be used in most of those places (except snorkeling, and you can potentially buy a housing), and it takes vastly better pictures, and video in case of the Sony. The cellphone cameras are getting so good that I cannot justify spending $400 on something with such a mediocre IQ. Whenever people talk about waterproofs IQ they always add a qualifier- good for its class. Its time someone makes a truly good waterproof compact camera. TG-1 is not good enough for its price. Well, I qualify this statement a bit- I already have an old TS-1, and TG-1was not enough of an upgrade over it.

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