The Sunday BIRD Volume 8, Issue 8. August 5, 2012

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It's still winter but love is in the air, part 3

So here I am enjoying the Gannets and then these heroes come flying in, really close to the colony. I would have thought that you would fly so close to these birds, but the Gannets totally ignored the rescue helicopter and they landed so scarily close to the rock face and the colony.

Searching the accident location

There it is and there is a place to land


so close they where

There are to many accidents on that part of the rocks with fisherman.

They took 45 minutes before they took off and it was dark by then, hope teh person they picked up will be ok.

It was good that there was no wind and low tide because they would never had been able to land on that spot if there was just a bit of wind.

Just wanted to share this, not your usual bird watching event.

Cheers, and be safe,


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