TG-1 is a sales failure

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Re: TG-1 is a sales failure

if you shop carefully you can pick up an XZ-1 and waterproof housing for around $600.00 . You can add underwater strobes to it etc. the same goes for the Canon G12 . Both are great cameras.Both get good reviews on dive sites as well.

Went Snorkeling at Lord Howe Island Australia a few moths back , Nikon AW100 failed completely, fogging , unable to focus etc, was replaced by Nikon on return with new unit . Canon IXUS 70 in Dicapac came through fine . was not willing to trust my XZ-1 in Dicapac housing first time would not hesitate again. Considering that the the AW100 was Nikons first attempt at waterproof cameras after Nikonos line was discontinued ages ago, I think housings are the way to go if you want quality image with ruggedness.

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