X10 a few days on... [img]

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X10 a few days on... [img]

Well less than a week into my X10 ownership I've decided to ignore raw capture for now, which is a bit annoying to a lazy photographer like me. I've used raw exclusively on any camera that supports it since 2003 when I used a Sigma SD9 that was raw only, and having settled into a raw-only workflow I found it so much easier and simpler than messing with a plethora of JPEG settings - get exposure and focus right and the rest can be done later at leasure.

But the X10 has changed all that, or rather the lack of proper raw software support has. After much meddling with LR (and other software) I can sort-of get acceptable results from a X10 raw, but nowhere near the quality of the camera's own internal software.

The thought of using the camera's built in raw converter appals me, just as it did on the first camera I used that had this feature - the Olympus E-1. But Olympus did the decent thing by providing a PC/Mac version of the same thing which while low on features compared with a normal raw converter had the big advantage of replicating the look of the in-camera JPEGs. Sadly Fuji has no equivalent.

So after a decade of not even thinking about JPEG settings I'm presented with the overload that is the X10. But I'm getting there - here's a quick test shot capturing a glimmer of sunlight:

This is an example of the "look" I normally aim to get from raw files but in this case it's from a X10 in-camera JPEG. I'm really glad Fuji provide a means of adjusting the tone curve properly rather than a simple "contrast" setting that most compact cameras provide, and along with the excellent, consistent metering the camera provides (better than my X100) I think I can cope with in-camera JPEGs without too much pain

PS: the X10 lens has much nicer rendering than I expected, it has real class. Unlike some I'm a "half full" sort of person when it comes to cameras; as long as there's no genuine show-stopper I'll adapt, concentrate on a camera's positive features and disregard (rather than bang on about) the things it doesn't do terribly well.

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