Macro extender- Tokina AT-X 90 f2.5

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Re: Macro extender- Tokina AT-X 90 f2.5

sasoph wrote:

sounfanz wrote:

My wife actually does use this lense on a 550D ( can't remember the adapter brand I purchased for her on ebay) so naturally assumed that if we ever came acrosss the extender, that it would fit.

Can you recall which mount to EF that adapter has? Does it have optical elements inside it or is it just a spacer?

There should be a code on the rear of the lens, on the raised circular lip right next to the glass e.g. C/FD = Canon FD, M/SR = Minolta MC/MD, N/AI = Nikon AI etc...

You should keep an eye on KEH for the appropriate externder mount.

Thanks for the info, but IIRC it may have been just a spacer. Will check it out next month, as I am away from home until Sept.
And thanks for the tip on KEH, I should have thought of that myself.

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