Panasonic strikes back!

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Re: Panasonic strikes back!

My main concern would be image quality at lower ISOs. Has it improved since the days of FZ30/50?

I would go as far as to say it doesn't have to improve. I adore the FZ50's colour and saturation out of camera. And not having to process lens correction sure keeps the edges of the shots clean. I love the colour pallet from the FZ100 though, I must say. Folks with that camera must love its results also. Fz100 results are soooo rich and classy.

The only area that new technology will dramatically improve the FZ50 is in stopping motion in reduced light. Sony's Twilight mode etc mean technologies exist to assist the small sensor camera in these difficult areas. I would like to see a pure and honest use of such technologies in an upgrade to the FZ50. I wouldn't need these technologies to be badged with a fancy name, just presented in camera as a selectable variable like any other. For example I would like image staking to stop being a fancy mode (Twilight, EXR etc), and become no more than a digital film emulation setting; like selecting B&W for example. I would want to retain use of all manual camera settings, such that if I select 1/60 second, the camera shoots six stacking shots within 1/60th second and processes them to one image.

To me a six shot stack in 1/60 second is a key turning point in small sensor digital camera design. At this benchmark the flash sync speed of old is matched where it was accepted that enough or reasonable motion stopping power was available.

Quite honestly there is enough current technology to put in an FZ50 upgrade to seriously and tastefully augment its stunning lens and ergonomics. I say tastefully because I see the FZ50 as a pure photographic instrument; an enthusiast machine. I would not want it to be made tacky by gimmicks or homage to movie making. Leave the microphones and touch screen off for all I care.

The FZ50: DSLR handling of a bright Leica 35-420mm lens that's this good: (slideshow always good). And now add the LX2:
[Tomorrows camera is better and smaller than todays]

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