Some (minor) RX100 gripes

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Re: Some (minor) RX100 gripes

I really, really miss a (wireless) remote shutter control option.

I also do not like the placemnt of the HDMI out socket

The micro USB door is very flimsy

The "?" button is wasted space. You should be able to asign useful functions to that button.

The lens has soft corners (small size means compromises) and I do not like the close up performance / non performance.

There is no full pdf manual

I also have some problems with the user interface, but I'm sure that I will get used to it, as I did with any camera so far.

I do not like the method to store and exchange files between camera and PC. Maybe that's just me and I failed to find the function yet, but it is impossible for me to send picture to the camera from my windows 7 PC (wanted to try out the illustration effect on some other jpgs) and when connecting the RX-100 it installed some "drivers".

I fear another rootkit here. I don't trust Sony.

But without USB connecting I'm not able to access the video files.

I'm in the minority here, but I really like the USB charging. Travel weight = camera weight + accessories. Have to try out direct solar charging via USB port.

There are some software features missing to me like interval shooting...

There are also some missing hardware features, but everyone can notice this from reading the spec. sheets anyway.

PS: The peaking thing doesn't work well for me, too (But maybe I have to try more?). It's very confusing to me, because in many situation almost the entire frame lights up in "peaking colors" and you fail to see the picture...

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