RX100 vs. M 4/3

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Re: RX100 vs. M 4/3

My camera park is very old (Sony F717, Olympus E-1 and Ricoh GX-100).

This year I will exchange this to new stuff, a small camera and a system camera.

For the small camera I already bought an XZ-1 and the RX-100 to try both. I will wait for the XZ-2, but so far it looks like I will keep the RX-100, mainly because of the far superior video performance. (I also replaced my more than 10 year old TV with a full HD flatscreen this year, so full HD will be the video standard for at lleast 10-15 years for me)

The system camera will most likely be the Olympus EM-5.

Most likely the RX-100 (or XZ-2) will be used more often than the system camera, especially the system camera + standard zoom kit lens, but usually you buy a system camera for lens flexibility.

A RX-100 can not do what my 50/2,0 macro on a (m)FT systems does for example, no matter the quality of the sensor.

You also have external flash, viewfinder, tilting screen, dust/moisture protection, etc. pp.

Don't fall for the hype with people buying new digital cameras every year and claiming that the actual camera is THE ONLY thing they will ever need. Wait one year and they will own the next big thing.

RX-100 is a nice little camera with an excellent sensor and some flaws, but it is as far away from a system camera as it could be. A Samsung EX2F or XZ-1 comes much closer.

No viewfinder, no add on lenses, no external flash, now swivel display, hell, you can not even use a remote control release for the RX-100!

Those that replace a system camera with a RX-100 would have never needed a system camera anyway.

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