K30 First Impressions and some photos

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K30 First Impressions and some photos


I don't have much time because I am in the middle of moving, but thought I would give a quick update. I was an avid film 35mm user in my high school days and the years following. I took a break from photography about ten years ago and have wanted a DSLR for years, but never came across a camera I could afford that I feel would merit the leap. Until the k30 that is. I have used the Panasonic lumix bridges in between and have been satisfied froma P&S perspective, but always mixed that SLR.

Firstly, I love the camera, the feel of it is excellent, great weight, the grip is so well made you can just hold it in your right hand with no fear of dropping it (if you dare!)

I have taken roughly a thousand photos with it so far, I have not had the time to really test the Manual features, or even the Tav, as I am under a lot of moving stress right now.

Lenses are:

18-55 WR kit - as expected, not excellent, but takes good photos in the right situations. AF is a bit slow, but fast enough to get my son while on the swing set. I mostly use it for its wide angle and for that it is ok, not for pixel peepers, but seriously, for the 70 or so euros it cost me and the fact that it is WR, very acceptable!

Pentax 35mm 2.4 - Jury is still out on this one, I am getting really mixed results with it, may have to do a fine AF adjustment to correct it. Some photos are sharp, others are just not, and in situations where they easily should be. More testing needed.

Tamron 90mm macro - WOW, this is the gem of the lot, absolutely stunning!! It is by far my favorite of the three, the 35mm has got nothing on this beauty (except a smaller focal length and price lol).

What I like about the camera:

Feels good in the hand, solid and robust, almost like you could just toss in the back of the car on your way to take photos
Interval Movies (this is just awesome!)
The viewfinder is great, I almost use it exclusively
Focus peaking is great for those manual focus times
I find the flash good for spontaneous candid shots and for fill

Auto focus is fast enough for me (on the kit and the 35mm as well as the 90mm with the limiter) (kids are still a hit and miss to catch but it does OK)
Great picture quality

Movie quality is great, yes the sound sucks, but it is OK for the average Joe, i.e. movies of the kids, etc.... IMO you should not buy a DSLR for film making and if you do, you should use an external mic anyway...

display is great and well presented, menus as well, most important stuff is easy to find

What I don't like about the camera:

It almost always overexposes by one stop in Auto mode (100% of the time in bright light, regardless of metering choice maybe my camera's metering is off?)

display, i.e. liveview in very bright situations difficult, especially the focus peaking (I mean really bright, as in the sun is directly shining on the lcd panel)
Nothing else to say, it is simply a freaking great camera for the price.

Some pics are here, all are JPEG straight from the cam and all from the k30. The one with the old house against the sky, I metered on the sky, and used fill flash to get the detail on that stone pillar.


Sorry will add more later, but gotta run!


Pentax K-30
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