What's this 10 year lens life thing?

Started Aug 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
James Van Artsdalen Regular Member • Posts: 319
OP wasn't asking about the "10" marking

Electronics don't last forever. Lenses full or focus and aperture motors, optical stabilization motors, sensors for the stabilizer, microprocessors for all of the above ... it won't last forever, and you'll have the same issues user_name mentions.

A battery-powered camera is a particularly good environment since you shouldn't see much noise or surges like on electrical mains. Nonetheless when buying a lens and estimating the years of service you'll get for the investment you make, estimating more than a decade seems a little wishful: it can definitely happen but don't count on it.

PS. Tin whiskers are very real but a failure cause by this is hard to spot and few people bother to see exactly why some "old" device actually failed.

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