iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames

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Re: iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames

So I bought the App and set it up for a jpeg workflow as per the Op - OMD/photosmith/Eye-fi/PC/Lightroom plug-in.

As FlightDeck points out the set up process is a bit of a bugger even if you do follow all the instructions to the letter. With the App being relatively new and no complete online manual there is relatively little help from our friend 'google'. It probably took me about 3 hours until I had it all properly configured (although if you are lucky you might do it in 30 minutes.)

The result is excellent though and ideally suited to the eye-fi. Jpegs wirelessly sent to your ipad either at home or in the field where they can be sorted and tagged in App and the results synced to the RAW files in LR.

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