Early HX200 research question

Started Aug 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
Dodge_Rock Senior Member • Posts: 1,601
HX200 & HX100 IQ "The Same"

I own both & can't distinguish IQ between the two.

I find that when using clear zoom at 60x on the HX200, then heavily crop, say equivalent to 2,000mm, that "smearing" is a problem. It's too much to ask from this camera.

Search my handle on Flikr & you'll find thousands of images to compare. When viewing exif data, remember that even if it indicates 144mm, photos are usually at 1600mm+.

If you really want to see something special in a superzoom, take a look at this new offering from Panasonic that'll be available soon. f2.8 at all the way to 600mm. Impressive.


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