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Re: post a shot

Thanks for the offer!

So, I know how to get pure white in PS - but when I do, there is usually a very slight halo around the entire subject. If I adjust exposure, I lose resolution. I was playing around with the highlights and that seems like a good option.

Let me just say, continuous lights are a real pisser. I have gotten to the point where I really like the exposure of the subject, but I can't get a good exposure on the subject and pure white. You should have seen my f8-1/125th-ISO100, it's a joke. I have to use ISO100, but I'm not a fan of the noise (even when I adjust it in lightroom).

I do video with the subjects, too, so I only went with continuous.

I tried painting the background and then using the history/memory brush (sorry, I forgot the name) around the subject, but it still has that halo - once I do that.

I could get pure white just behind the subject, but I'd have to move the backdrop lights in frame. This would be okay if I were only doing photos, but it's problematic for my videos.

So, what would you do? Haha

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