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hindesite wrote:

It is possible that the communication system the Canon lenses use is in no way easily compatible with m4/3, even with a complex electronic adapter.

That doesn't seem likely.

After all the info you need to present from lens to camera and vice versa is more or less the same for any lens/camera combo.

Except information, there need to be enough power transmitted to move aperture and focus motor. If there is not enough provided my m43 standard, an adapter cannot do anything (unless you want to plug the adapter into separate power source).

Power might well be the biggest stumbling block - EF uses 6v for motor drives, so conversion would be necessary. I would expect that the power demands from older lens technology and conversion losses would kill battery life in normal use, which might explain why the Birger EF-m4/3 adapter is aimed at video, where you are using other power sources (and a whole lot of other peripherals) anyway.

Even the Birger product is very much a work in progress, and will be incomplete at launch (if it is ever launched).


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