RX100 Playback zoom-in behavior

Started Aug 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
Peter v.d Werf Contributing Member • Posts: 714
Re: RX100 Playback zoom-in behavior

bab4 wrote:

One thing that really annoys me about this camera is that when I go to playback and hit the zoom lever in once to zoom into the image it goes way too far and I have to zoom back out all the time. On all my other cameras hitting the zoom lever in slowly zooms closer and closer but not this camera.. It goes to like 100% view or something with just one push. Does anyone know how to change this behavior?

I've even gone through the manual to try and find the appropriate setting to disable this annoying behavior... but unfortunately, some twisted mind apparantly thought this behavior for playback zoom would make sense...

A "click and hold for 100%" would make sense, but to way playback zoom now works does not make sense (if I mis something here, please enlighten me..)

But maybe that same 'genius' will introduce a setting to change it..

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