D700 Please tell me what I did that was dumb

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Re: D700 Please tell me what I did that was dumb


Your experience appears to mirror mine similarly. I also previously used an FM2, all manual of course. I bought a D200 in 2007 and Photoshop CS2 and just dove in there. So, don't feel dumb. Everyone starts in with this stuff just like you are. It does get easier and for me...I have a lot of fun not only taking photos, but learning how it all works and experimenting with new things, both with the D700 and Photoshop.

I did buy Thom Hogan's D200 Guide and it did help. When I got the D700, it's pretty much the same (in terms of menus/features,etc.), so it was an easy transition.

Just keep poring over the manual WITH YOUR CAMERA IN HAND and soon, setting and changing things will be more automatic. I still have to consult the manual occasionally to remember where to set something. I use the camera as "commander" for another flash (SB-800) and that's something that sends me back to the manual (and the SB-800 manual!) occasionally. For pro's using these settings all the time, it's mostly very automatic, but for amateurs...it's slow going especially at first.

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