A few pictures from the 1DX

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A few pictures from the 1DX


I've had her for a few weeks now, and she's amazing. Best camera, from any make, ever made (in my opinion of course). It's been a struggle to find picture I won't get in trouble for uploading, as I've been using it mainly for work.

However, I've included a couple. They're all direct JPEG's from camera, except from the first one (IMG_0135).

What's really blown me away, is the low light AF. I've included a picture of the cameras I'm using day to day at the moment so you guys get an idea of what I'm comparing it to, as saying it's better than a 7D is fairly obvious (I also use the 1D Mk IV daily, and the Nikon D800 though not so often). The 1Dx is the King of the crop, by a significant margin, again in my opinion. It can focus with ease on subject so dark there're less than a silhouette in best viewfinder in an camera I've used, spare the Leica S2. Then the quality of the image, in terms of high ISO slightly bests the Nikon D4. Though it's so close most of the time, it's hard to tell.

Black Auto Focus points... That's the big bad. Really impossible to see the active AF point without tapping the AF button, which then saturates the viewfinder with red light... Not ideal by a long way! However, there is a solution(isn). The auto AF point selection is better than ever before (again, from any camera, not just Canon). the iTR mode enables face detection during Auto Point AF Selection. This means, it will find the closest face, and focus on that, even if there is something closer/brighter in the scene. You can then link the Spot Exposure Meter, to the AF point. Which is amazing!

One other great customer function I will mention, as i've not seem it talked about yet. You can program the M.Fn button (the one close to the Shutter Release) to toggle C shooting mode. If you then program an Auto 'P' mode to C1, you're always one very quick press away from auto. Why's auto so great and essential on such a Pro camera some may ask? Well, the answer is simple. When shooting in M mode, you're on fixed settings for one light condition. If some action happens behind you, or round the corner, or under a light, something in very different light conditions, pressing the M.Fn will ensure an instant change to the correct settings. Whereas before, changing the settings manually or switching shooting mode via the dial is often too slow.

If any one wants me to do some comparisons, or has any questions, fire away! I'll do my best to get back to you.


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