Question for RX100 owners who have also owned the HX9v

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Re: Question for RX100 owners who have also owned the HX9v

I did the same returning an HX9V due to heavy (non-adjustable) NR causing too much smearing. The super zoom was nice, but most came out blurry due to small sensor and small aperture. Blurry photos are good for nothing. The HX100 has far better IQ in this regard. I was willing to give up the super zoom of the HX9V because it the end, I'd rather have crisp photos.

Robbbbert wrote:

There is really no comparison.
The RX100 is better in those two areas and in just about every other way.

Particulary sharpness and stabililazation.

Also, its extended zoom capabilities give the HX9V a run for its money.

The HX9V is a fine camera in its own right, especially at its price point.
Used it extensively for two weeks before returning to await its next generation.

Then the RX100 came along and glad I waited.
Twice the cost but twice the camera.

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