Instead of a A99, I'll get another A900/A850.

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Re: Instead of a A99, I'll get another A900/A850.

Hello Jerome,

thanks for sharing your thoughts. Good luck with your cameras.

Kind Regards,

jerome_munich wrote:

I have used an A900 for the past 3 years and found it very much to my liking. I also tried a NEX-7, to see whether I like the EVF, but I don't like it at all.

The next Sony full-frame will have an EVF and 24 mpix or 36 mpix, as in the Nikon D800. So I also tried the D800 to see whether the improvement is worth it for my uses. After two months, I find that the difference in resolution is not relevant for my uses and the difference in high iso not worth the move to Nikon. Processed with noise Ninja, the A900 gives results close to the one of the D800 up to iso 1600 and a bit better at iso 3200. Iso 6400 and above is too poor for my taste on either camera. Besides, the A900 has stabilization on all lenses, and I find that invaluable. I also prefer the Sony lenses.

So my decision is to stay with Sony and not move to Nikon. And since I don't want an EVF, to keep the A900 and not get an A99.

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