optically how far is the kit 18-55mm from the CZ 16-80mm

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Re: optically how far is the kit 18-55mm from the CZ 16-80mm

Above was interresting reading for me. I bought my a580 a body only because I have the minolta 24-85, 50 1.7 and 70-210 f4.

I do miss the 16-18 to 24 mm sometimes. Reading some reviews about different lenses in this range I was about to look for an 18-55 used. Image quality, although not steady for each copy, is one of the best for the cheap kit lenses around.

So for me the extra investment is too much for the small amount of improvement you get. The gap between these lenses is just too big price wise. A tamron 17-50 f2.8 is the only alternative I will be looking for as well. No SAM or SSM, but very sharp corner to corner and well priced. Build quality may be the only real down side of this lens compared to the 16-50, but sure no worse then the zeiss 16-80.

Love to see a good comparison between these lenses so we van really see the improvement we pay for.....

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