EX2 v LX7 ... close call

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Re: Where is that second shot

VarmintCong wrote:

zxaar wrote:

2nd and third shot are from same place and same day.

It is tekeda castle . It is near Himeji.

It is sometimes called floating castle for the reason that sometime around nov (2-3 months around it), early morning clouds pass around it so that it looks like floating in it.

Nice shot (not yours?) - I interned in Himeji 15 years ago, at Sanyo Special Steels. Loved that area, people are so friendly too.

The shot in the post you quoted was not mine. I wanted to capture that phenomenon but by the time i would have reached from kobe to takeda, the thing would have gone. Further you would only come to know early morning that this is going to happen. It lasts for short period usually when it happens in morning.

Others photos were mine.

Himeji castle is now wrapped and will stay that way for next 2-3 years. Good place that.

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