Canon G1X gripes

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Canon G1X gripes

Despite the fact that the Canon G1X produces very good images, there are a number of gripes that I would like to address below. The camera seems to be a 1.0 version in several respects, screaming for a refined successor. Here we go:

It is not possible to attach anything sturdily onto the lens - I already lost the ring to attach a filter while climbing. Now I only have Canon's lens hood (LH-DC70) attached in order to protect the lens a bit, but the hood has a tendency to rotate (and fall off), which results in visible black areas on the corners of the frame, thus ruining some shots. This part of the camera seems not be up to the standard expected.

Focusing is rather slow and requires you to press the shutter button first halfway down and wait for a confirmation beep, until you are able to take the shot, which takes a second. If you just point and shoot by pressing the shutter immediately, you may get a blurry shot. So this camera is definitely not for action, rather for static things like landscape shots.

I only shoot RAW with this camera (so this criticism doesn't apply to JPEG files), I find a tendency for bright areas to clip, usually skies are washed out and grey, often to an extent that is not recoverable in Lightroom. Therefore I have set the exposure compensation dial to -2/3 or even -1 or more (thankfully this dial is easily accessible, but it is a necessity). So I usually underexpose my shots and later brighten the shadow areas to get useful results.

The battery compartment door sometimes accidentally opens when the button is inadvertently pressed, which can be easily spotted because the camera stops working.

More than once I pressed the movie button inadvertently when holding the camera with one hand, thus interfering with taking images. Wish I could disable this button.

The LCD monitor is not very scratch resistant. I have always pointing it outwards, so it already got a few small scratches.

The lack of close focussing and the need to switch to macro mode when trying to photograph something halfways close is a nuisance. Why does a camera need a macro switch and cannot be that smart by itself?

Any comments are welcome!

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