FFT (Fourier Filters) with Photoshop -- for larger Images

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FFT (Fourier Filters) with Photoshop -- for larger Images

FFT (Fourier Filters) with Photoshop -- for larger Images_08-04-2012

Summary: Are there FFT (Fourier Filters) that may be used for processing larger Photo Images.

If so, will someone please refer me to where I may find and download the FFT for processing the mentioned larger images. I will appreciate any help offered.

Please see my FFT processing details below:

I have scanned a Photo that was originally printed using Textured Paper.

Original Scan used 400 PPI resulted with the image being 4320x3400x400 ppi (Pixels Per Inch) with overall image size being 10.8 x 8.5 inches.
I tried to process in Photoshop using FFT Filter with no success.

Then, resized to 3883x3060x360 ppi – same NO success with FFT processing.
Next I resized two times for:  2592x2040x240 PPI   plus   2160x1700x200 ppi.

I applied the FFT processing for the smaller 200 ppi image and it was successful by using the Green Channel instead of the Red as per the guide. Since the 200 ppi size worked, I next processed the 240 ppi image and it also was ok using the Green Channel.

I realize a final processed 240 ppi image ready to print is sufficient (acceptable) for printing up to 8 x 10 Photo. However, I prefer to have 360 ppi image for printing 8x10 or less plus the added ppi allows using for the occasional larger printing such as on 13 x 19 photo paper.

Note: I have searched for applicable details with little to NO success.

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