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Lots of options....

....but in the end, with today's higher rez cameras, PS does a superb job. The problem with software packages like Alien Skin, Perfect Resize, PhotoZoom, etc, aside from cost, is that the algorithms focus a great deal on other words, edge contrast. In doing so, one can end up with, especially in a landscape shot, a rather painterly, artificial look to the image. Portraiture is more forgiving, but still, considering that one can obtain excellent results with straight PS Smoother...there is little reason to waste the money.

A good routine, that of course needs to be adjusted depending upon output size, print media, and capture rez, would be to apply the slightest bit of sharpening to the initial image. Uprez in PS Smoother. Apply output sharpening depending upon the output size and paper choice. Apply the slightest bit of either Gaussian mono noise in PS or better yet, a grain type noise in LR for example. The reason for the noise is that it provides a type of dither to the output that breaks up the sometimes plastic appearance of the interpolated image. This gives it a very natural look while keeping the noise pretty much below the visible threshold. It fools the eye into thinking there is more detail than there really is.

If you have any detailed questions, just PM me. I'll be busy the remainder of the day.

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