D3, Street Photography of Children

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Re: D3, Street Photography of Children

I had look at your site and like many of the photos on it, the photos of the kids are innocent and only a narrow-minded individual would have a problem with them .

Babies, kids, teens, adults and elders, we're all in this world and there is NOTHING wrong with taking photos of any of them! It is ridiculous how dumb some people are! I have a daughter so I think I am entitled to comment on this issue and let me say that I have no issue with anyone taking photo of her on the street or in the park as long as the reason behind it was good. I would have an issue if it was a hidden camera, a bad angle or if I knew that the person has something bad on his mind - now since I am not a mind reader and neither is anyone else how can anyone be so judgmental???

For all those who worry about the perverts with the cameras (which I am sure is a VERY low percentage), have you ever wondered how many perverts there are without cameras??? I am sure those are the people you should worry about and not some casual photographer taking photos of what they see on the street!

Going with the lack of though some people here represent, why don't we just tell everyone with really good memory to stay home so they do not end up seeing some kid and remembering them? Why don't we also cut out their tongue so they won't be able describe what it is that they saw?

I've been living in Asia for almost 2 years now, not that this place doesn't have dumb people, but thank God for not having to deal with most of this bs that exists in North America and Europe...

The first two shots are from Cambodia, my friend had to drag me away as the kids didn't want me to leave and were forcing me to take more photos after they saw couple of them on the LCD.

The last one is from a village in Vietnam where the people might be uneducated but at least do not make stupid remarks like many of those with so called higher education...

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