Retina display a gimic?

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Re: Retina display a gimic?

I have a rMBP and it is, hands down, the best laptop Apple has ever made. It's the best Macintosh Apple has ever made. The screen is gorgeous, it's incredibly thin and light... honestly, I don't know where Apple can go after this. The RMBP is simply amazing.

Some people need the ability to service internal parts, however I do not. My 5 year-old MacBook Pro never needed upgrading, and my 3 year-old Mac Pro also does not need upgrading. I tend to go with close to the maximum specs in the first place, which lasts me about five years. At that point, instead of dumping money down the drain to upgrade an outdated architecture, I simply sell the old machine and buy a new one.

The most you RAM you can stuff into a non-Retina is 16 GB - same as Retina. The Retina internal drive is socketed, so it will be replaceable down the road as higher capacities become available. However, a 512 GB internal SSD plus external Thunderbolt storage is more than anyone is going to need for quite some time.

Fotoloco wrote:

I have a 7yr old 15 inch Macbook pro. Going to clean it up a bit then give it to my son. I need to buy a new computer for myself. Trying to decide what to get. I would love to have an 11inch Macbook Air AND a 27inch loaded up iMac, but can not afford that for now. So...

The air with processer/memory upgrade plus a 27inch monitor.

Another 15inch MB Pro with retina display.

A 27inch loaded up iMac.

I will have to make that decision for myself.

What I am interested in is the retina dislplay. Is it really worth it? If I was going to display photos on it then sure, but I am only doing processing. As long as I get the print I am after, I am good. Will the retina make it more easy or faster to get good prints? Not sure how. If so, and if the iMac is the way I want to go, I should probably wait to see if the next gen iMac comes with a retina.

Also, if the retina is the way to go, I may want to hook up a notebook to a 27inch when they become available. I am guessing a loaded up 15inch MB Pro will have the horsepower/graphics card to run one, but the air will not (at least effectively).

So - Retina worth it...or not?

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