X100 banding

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Re: X100 banding

I sent my camera with an sd card with images demonstrating the issue. When you call fuji they will give you instructions on what to include with your camera. Initially they didn't ask for examples, but when i told them i would include sample images, they agreed it was a good idea to do so. They returned the camera and sd card, but i had to look for the sd card, as they put it in a little bag behind some of the packing material(i sent it with the sd card in the camera).

Mine Is probably one of the first batches from fuji. Pre ordered b4 they were available and recieved in early april 2011. No other issues with the camera. ( no SAB).

Sorry to hear you got a lemon, but at least it happened under warranty (if thats any consalation). Give them a call, they are very easy to deal with, and with any luck you should be back up and shooting in a week.

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