D700 Please tell me what I did that was dumb

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Re: D700 Please tell me what I did that was dumb

For HDR, you want to BRACKET some shots, not double exposure.

What I would recommend is reading through the manual a "few" more times and then pick a topic, like 'bracketing' or 'multiple exposure' and try it with your camera until you understand what it is doing.

There are a multitude of things that I don't use on the D700, but other people do. For instance, I am not a sports shooter, so many of the nuances of autofocus for moving subjects, I just don't pay much attention to (for now).

Think about the things you want to photograph, and then concentrate on what you need the camera to do and study that. Most of what you need is in the manual, but it takes awhile to understand all of it.

Good luck. The D700 is a great camera and the ergonomics and menus work well for me...with some exceptions. But it takes some time to master.

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