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Re: Sorry, I just want to point out

tgutgu wrote:

I talk about design issues, which result in quality problems. Design issues aren't individual.

Yes, but if it's a design issue, more than one person would be reporting the problem. Right now, that's not the case.

This means that your claim that all Olympus products suffer from poor build quality is simply incorrect.

It is to some extent correct, because all sample of a product should suffer in the same way from design issues, unless the manufacturer changes the design.

And interestingly enough, not all samples are suffering in the same way at this point, so by your logic, the evidence doesn't support the contention that these are design issues. In 6 months, if 10% of E-M5 owners report peeled paint, the evidence will be there. Right now, that's not the case.

If most of your products from a manufacturer exhibit issues, some of them repeatedly (poor lens hoods), I can't see too much wrong with this although it could be qualified.

Yes most of your products. None of mine, so far. It does suck that you seem to have been bitten more than once, but at this point, your experience doesn't seem representative.

The claim that Olympus product quality is disappointing, can only be a personal opinion, because only a person can be disappointed, so there shouldn't be any problem here.

The problem is that you're stretching your personal experience out to the entire world. If it happened to tgutgu, it must be true for everyone.

It's proven incorrect by the fact that many Olympus owners don't report the problems you've had.

That is the usual argument. I have already seen reports about all the issues here and elsewhere, so I am not alone. There is a tendency that product owners see their camera only in a rosy view, and thus just are agnostic about the issues. Therefore a forum is always biased towards the all happy users. The forum community isn't too representative also.

I must have missed those reports. I'd expect unhappy users to show up here to voice their displeasure with the product. Maybe I'm wrong.

But I'll repeat it one more time, while your model may have a peeling paint problem, that's no excuse to say that all models have this problem. This is patently false.

Why? It may happen sooner or later to many others. It seems more a design issue than an individual sample problem - or has Olympus really changed the body finish?

And now we're to the meat of the issue. It may happen sooner or later to many others, at which point it would make sense to talk of a design issue, rather than an issue with a few samples. It doesn't appear that we've reached that point yet.

Because many users don't have problem yet, does not mean that it only exists at individual samples.

The fact that many users don't have the problem suggests that it's a sample issue. If, at some point in the future, many users do have the problem, the case for design issues can be made. Right now, the problems are showing up in limited samples, which does not make a strong case for them being design issues.

I know because my model does not have this problem, and many others have also reported that they have no issues with peeling paint.

see above.

Yes, you too. At this time, my statement is correct. You seem to be in the minority. In 6 months, that may change, at which point I'll be clamoring for better design, as well. Right now, I'm not seeing evidence of a design problem, because I'm not seeing large numbers of users complaining about it.

Furthermore, your continued insistence that everyone MUST buy a grip in order to pleased with the handling is ridiculous. I have no grip, and I'm pleased with the handling, and I'm not the only one.

I have seen more reports that second my opinion than the other way round, and almost everyone says that the HDL-6 grip improves the holding of the camera a lot. This indicates that the naked body design is not really good. A lot less people should ahave a problem with it.

I have not seen that, and I doubt you can make a factual case to support that. In the threads I've seen discussing the issue, it seems to be about half-half. I believe Timur Born's another E-M5 owner who likes the ergonomics without the grip. As is Louis Dobson. As long as one user out there likes the ergonomics with no grip, it makes no sense to tell everyone they MUST by the grip or else they will be unsatisfied with the ergonomics. This is pure logic against which it is impossible to rationally argue.

So, dunno, you live in some kind of weird fantasy world, where if it happens to tgutgu, or if tgutgu finds it to be true, it must be a universal truth.

Forum messages are always 90% opinion. To start every statement with IMHO is superfluous.

These statements of fact are fine: The paint is peeling off of my silver body. I've had two eyecups break. I've had a lens hood that was loose and eventually broke.

This statement of opinion is also fine: In my experience, the Olympus' quality control has been disappointing.

These statements of (unsupported) fact are not fine: Olympus has poor quality control, company-wide. The paint problem is a problem of poor design and craftsmanship. zu lang geworden. deshalb muesste ich einige Saetze rauschloeschen...

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