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Which Witch wrote:

Karen, I don't know which route you will be traveling but if you have the opportunity I would highly recommend seeing the Capulin Volcano National Monument in NM unless it is brutally hot; Carlsbad Caverns are also wicked, but one of the best must-sees is White Sands Nat. Monument. But if the temps are too hot, I'd bypass these because heat will remove all the enjoyment.

If you pass through AZ, the Painted Desert is awesome and you can view it by car; there are spots where you can get out and shoot to your heart's desire along the drive. In Vegas, there is a local bird viewing area that is quite beautiful at the start and end of the day when temps are cooler.


There is a settling pond area also that is really cool. If the temps are too hot then you can always escape up into the mountains to revive.

Oh wow, now I'm wanting to take a trip. LOL! I hope that you'll share your images when you return.

Thanks so much for the information Willow. The only part of AZ I will get to see is the airport with my layover, then I fly into El Paso where my friend, who lives in Alamogordo Nm, is picking me up. She has everything mapped out for us, where part will be spent in Santa Fe. Then a friend from Las Vegas in picking me up in Santa Fe where I hope to be able to stop at the Grand Canyon on the way to Vegas. If I were driving believe me I'd be at all the places you mentioned.

Both of my friends keep telling me that at the end of Sept temps will be good, but I'm not buying their story at all. I will definitely be taking tons of pictures though, and if I get any good ones I will definitely share. I've seen your pictures, and I don't want to embarrassss myself. lol

Again thanks so much for your info.

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