Sony RX100 in stock in UK

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Re: Sony RX100 in stock in UK

Zebadee69 wrote:

I really hate these theories on buying new cameras which relates basically to any new gadget that hits the shelves, be it cameras, tvs, phones etc.

wayoutwest wrote:

I like the way prices start high and fall a lot after a few months. Camera manufacturers must make a lot of money from people that can't wait a few months.

Yes they do and you should thank them because if everyone held back like you then I'm sure these manufactures would cease to exist. As for 'people that cant wait' I'd say it's people that can afford it. Your paying over the odds statement isn't a consideration for many buyers.

I get a better price by having some patience.

You can't put a price on time, while early adopters are enjoying using the RX100 you're sitting waiting for prices to fall.

I was going to get a Canon G1 X but the launch price was too high and now the RX100 is out and I think it's much more suited to what I want. Just got to wait a while for the price to fall a bit.

What will you do, if after a couple of months, the price drops to what you consider affordable, at the same time a technically better camera's announced?

I'm not having a go at you wayoutwest, just thinking outloud

I enjoy waiting to buy something. I'm not in the least bit jealous of people that can afford to buy cameras as soon as they are available. I'm not criticising those people, like I said, I'm grateful. I have tried buying with the initial price premium and it wasn't as enjoyable for me. Seeing the camera I bought £100 cheaper a few weeks later made me feel bad. I'm sure that doesn't happen to most people that buy early but we're not all the same.

If when the price has dropped, a technically better camera is announced, I sometime buy the older camera, as the newly announced camera will usually be much more expensive. I didn't get the Canon G1 X because it wasn't quite what I wanted and the Sony RX100 has the video quality that I've been looking for in a poketable camera. I'm more likely to buy the Sony but I do change my mind a lot, that's part of the fun for me. Committing my hard earned cash too quickly usually leaves me feeling regretful.

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