Oly & Panny future lenses

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Re: Oly & Panny future lenses

olympus 25mm f2.8 (w/ macro)

  • pancake

  • cheap

  • but not bad

  • bundled with olympus pen E-P5 - vf3 calibre viewfinder (smaller and lower-res compared to the E-M5's vf2-like viewfinder) built into an E-P3 sized body, positioned in the center above the lens mount - compatible with grips - not weather sealed - new sensor - no 5-axis ibis - built-in flash - smaller, fixed 2.8" touch screen to accommodate the viewfinder, but higher-res (like the ricoh GRD4's screen) - a dial in front and a dial on the back (abolish the wheel and just use a 4-way direction-pad of buttons)

olympus 17mm f1.4

  • same quality and price range as the 12mm f2 and 75mm f-whatever

  • not a pancake, maybe shaped like the 12mm or 45, but slightly bigger

  • black

  • snap focus ring like 12mm (but texture more like OM lenses)

  • bundled with olympus OM-D E-M7 - has certain magic attributes that imbue it with the power of Pro - silent electro shutter option - completely compatible with 4/3 lenses - has GPS - etc.

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