Cheap teleconverters on Ebay: better than nothing?

Started Aug 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
gfrensen Veteran Member • Posts: 3,627
Re: Cheap teleconverters on Ebay: better than nothing?

Most cheap teleconverters that go in front of the lens are opticly not good. There is a reason why the Sony converter is not cheap.
Problems you can get with the cheap converter are:

Chromatic abberation, loss of sharpness, loss of color, loss of contrast, distortion etc.

So if you want good IQ the best way to go is using a good tele lens. without converter

The second best is, using a telelens with a dedicated converter, that is plced between the camera and the lens
The third best way is a good converter lens that goes infront of the lens.
The next best thing is cropping (or "digital zoom" when your camera has it)
A cheap lens will give more problems than it will fix.

BTW I think that the differences between the first 3 options are very slim, the cropping/digital zoom will give you loss in the resolution, and the cheap converter well, you might be lucky...

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