Stepping backward from an E620

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Hubertus Bigend
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What I would miss

I keep thinking of changing to Nikon, or, more probably, Sony or Canon myself, with birds and insects being two of my major photographic interests. For seven years I've been using Olympus DSLRs for the purpose, with the 50mm Macro, the Zuiko 50-200 and the two converters being the most important accessories. My current camera is the E-30, while I've used the E-620 for some time, too.

After moving to an older Canon model, regardless of which one I'd choose, most of all I would miss:

  • my 100-400mm (equivalent) lens which is perfect with the 1.4x and still ok with the 2x converter, giving up to 800mm equivalent focal length while remaining portable and hand-holdable at least in bright light, a lens which by itself seems to me one of the precious few reasons to still choose a Four Thirds camera even today,

  • the in-camera stabilization, so choosing lenses would become even more difficult and, for hand-held static scenes with a non-stabilized lens, any possible high-ISO advantage would be more than undone,

  • the tiltable screen, which has become mandatory for me (only some of the more recent Canon models have one),

  • the user interface which I like very much and which I can operate really fast and in my sleep, too.

So the state of things for me is that I still don't really want to switch camera systems, even if I had the money to buy a complete new Canon set with a 7D or 60D and a couple of really good lenses.

Instead, I'll be carrying on with what I have and continue waiting for Micro Four Thirds to either become fully compatible with my lenses or offer equivalent lenses for the new mount...

And alongside that I'll continue playing around with an entry-level Sony NEX and a couple of old Minolta lenses. I do fear, though, that upgrading the NEX-3 to the NEX-C3 with its excellent 16 MP sensor, which I'm just about to do, will add some strain to my relationship with my E-30.


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