The Nex 6 Is Coming

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Re: The BEST NEX camera body?

Everdog wrote:

headofdestiny wrote:

Everdog wrote:

For practical purposes the 16MP sensor is better than the 24MP sensor. If the 16MP is updated, it will be even better. (check out the A57 vs. A65 posts in the Alpha forum)

So for a lower price you get a better camera. If they switch to the Alpha menus like they did with the RX100, this camera will be a no-brainer for NEX users.

That's actually near opposite of the truth. It's really only for symmetrical M lenses for which the NEX-5N has a better sensor, which isn't exactly practical.

What I meant was most people do not need 24MP (yes, some do), and the 16MP sensor is slightly better in lower light and higher ISOs. The new 16MP sensor in the NEX 6 may be even better.

I find this thread a little funny. There is a rumor on a rumorsite. That rumor tells us nothing more then that there might be a new Nex camera, the Nex6. We no nothing about this camera. So speculating begins and that is good. But when people are claiming that the new camera will be better then the old, I just smile.

There is not even a picture o the nex 6, we don't know if it is a Nex5 with a 24mp sensor and a FV, or a Nex7 with a 16 mp sensor. We dont know anything about it and people hera are claiming that this camera will be the best.

Until we know more about the camera, all this is nothing more then speculations.

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