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Re: Warning

hi there, got very interested on your post with the wireless transmission. Need further clarification please, appreciate it much. I opened up the first link here and got to the website with cables unlimited for both the transmitter and transceiver. And then for the two other links which the pages no longer exist because items are out of stock. I am confused (not hard) to what I really need now. Isn't the transmitter and transceiver all that I need? As the two other links show up empty I don't know what I am looking for, could you describe it please - perhaps we can find it somewhere else?

Thanks in advance...

Michael Firstlight wrote:

More info: Apparently, you'd need one of these kits to have the pair to make a complete solution:


Which might or might not still be in stock. The original link only gets you the add on dongle after yo already have the kit that provide both the transmitter and receiver pair (they are not transceivers - buying two won't get you a solution).

The one above is only the slower USB1 speed and not the faster USB2 version (WR-USB2000) product:


Which again might or might not still be in stock.


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