Durability of GH2 shutter

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Re: Durability of GH2 shutter

Guy Parsons wrote:
PdL59 wrote:

I am sure there are people here that can explain these things properly.

Test 1. Take off the lens, look in the front and take a shot. Then you will see how mechanical it is. Easy with Oly, with Panasonic you need to do something in the menus to do that.

Test 2. Hold you ear hard against the camera body and take a shot, then you will hear how mechanical the whole contraption is.

It's a regular focal plane shutter, just as in any SLR or DSLR with the same lifetime expected. Maybe 30,000K to 50,000K for the consumer stuff, a bit upmarket to so called pro versions may take that to the 100,000 to 150,00 region. Those figures always vary by plus minus about 100% of the nominal figure.

Regards....... Guy

Thanks a lot!

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